Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring is in the Air!

FINALLY!  A "warm" day!  (It's 45 degrees out).  Pretty please, can we get the snow to melt already?!  As much as I whine and moan about the cold all winter long, it's an exciting time when the season finally starts to change into Spring.  There's hope that warmer, sunnier days are on their way!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been ordering Spring-inspired fabrics, to help catapult me into that Spring feeling ahead of time.  Black, whites, and icy blues, you had your time.  Move over for some bright and spirited colors!

I'm thrilled about these silky chiffon fabrics and can't wait to turn them into infinity scarves!  Pulling out the sewing machine will be a nice vacation from the candle-making experiments (yup, still experimenting, but I swear, they're coming soon!).  :)

I hope these fabrics bring a smile to your face and give you hope that Spring is indeed on its way!

Here's the entire collection:

I'm loving these pinks!  And no, I did not add ANY saturation to this photo.  They really are that happy and bright!!!

These blues make me think of the Caribbean... ahh... Where's my pina colada?

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