Tuesday, May 31, 2022

My Fine Art Journey

In late 2019, I decided to shift my artist's dream, and focus my efforts in developing my fine art (which until then, I was content to keep as a personal hobby).  While simultaneously renovating my house from top to bottom, I've been playing with paints and tools, and honing in on my voice, really figuring out what I wanted to say in my art.  And now I'm ready to tell the world.  :)

My abstract paintings reflect my love for the rusty and vintage!  Working in acrylic and mixed media, I enjoy painting in many, many layers on wood panels, where I can scrape and scratch to my heart's content, giving my paintings a worn and weathered appearance, as if they have lived a thousand lifetimes, gaining patina and beauty along the way.  They are energetic and bold from a distance, seducing the viewer for a closer look, where its many scars and imperfections take center stage.

If you'd like to follow my fine art journey, please check out my new Instagram account!