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Piano Key Accent Tables
* Made from a 1920-22 Ivers & Pond upright piano *

Coffee Table
* Vintage metal drawers and reclaimed wood *

Wine Bar
*Made with a vintage 1921 Singer sewing machine base & reclaimed wine crate top*

Premium wool-blend felt roses


Wine Charms

NEW!  Repurposed Wine Bottle Candles and Hurricane Lanterns
Using a 5 part process of cutting, sanding, and etching wine bottle bases for container candles, and saving the wine bottle tops for tea light hurricane lanterns!  Have to go through quite a few bottles just to get a couple clean cuts, but QUALITY COUNTS, and you can be sure to have a smooth-to-the-touch rim when I'm finished making these fragrant, rustic beauties!

Spirited Scents: Champagne, Raspberry Sangria, and Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Perfected the rims!  5-part process of cutting, sanding, and painting = LOVE

Upcycled Wine Crate Serving Tray

Brass Hand-blown Bubble Chandelier

Repurposed Wine Bottle Business Card Holders

Jameson Irish Whiskey Pendant Light

Abstract Painting on Canvas: Used a wine bottle and cork to paint the details.

Infinity Scarves

Vintage Porcelain Enamel Gas Station Pendant Lamps


Funnel Pendant Lights!




Holiday Ornament Collection

 Upcycled vintage funnel pendant light

Capiz shell chandelier

Upcycled metal farm funnel pendant lights

Tall clear bubble chandelier

Large clear wine bottle pendant light with cloth covered cords and silicone socket covers

Hand-painted, hand-blown glass bubble pendant light

More bubbles!

Burlap and pearl wrapped wreath with ivory felt roses

Wreath wrapped in turquoise copper and pearl garland, with 5 starfish

Copper funnel pendant light, with black cloth covered cord

Green ombre wine bottle chandelier

Galvanized barn funnel pendant light with silver cloth covered cord

Deep brown upcycled wine bottle pendant light with silver cloth covered cord

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