Friday, October 6, 2017

Changing Gears

First off, many apologies for not posting in a YEAR!  Wow... It's just so much easier to post pics and updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!  So let it be known, if you want to see new projects, check out any and all of those pages.  :)

Also, my husband and I have decided to open up our home to foster dogs through the National Great Pyrenees Rescue organization, so besides t-shirts, I will no longer be posting new products on my Etsy page, so be sure to check out my spot at Hunt & Gather Vintage Market (194 Worcester Rd., Princeton, MA) for all my goodies.

We brought in our very first foster pup a few weeks ago and I feel like THIS is what is what I'm meant to do, and I look forward to helping out lots of other pups on the way to their forever homes.  (You can check out my YouTube page for videos of our foster pups!).  Here's our first foster pup, Summer:

If you're interested in adopting this awesome 1-year-old pup, you can do so at National Great Pyrenees Rescue.