Saturday, October 18, 2014

As Seen on TV

I was a nervous wreck all day yesterday.  Couldn't wait for my Friday evening date night with my hubby.  We had it all planned out - pizza, wine, and Hawaii Five O.  Hubby surprised me with flowers to wish me luck (awe...), and then we plopped ourselves down in front of the tv.  Made sure the DVR was recording, but watched the episode live.  We had our eagle eyes ON!  I barely know what happened during the show, as I was so focused on the background of EVERY. SINGLE. SCENE.  Fingers crossed and hoping upon all hope that we'd catch a glimpse of that fabulous upcycled funnel pendant light I'd sold to a friendly Hawaiian set designer so many months ago!

Minutes passed... the show was almost over!  And then (AHHH!!!!) there she was, in all her glory!

I was just hoping for the smallest glimpse of the light, but I got OH SO LUCKY in that she was the STAR of the last 3 minutes of the show!  Well, she was the star to me... she lit up up the room.  ;)

I should probably send my neighbors apology letters for all the shrieking and screaming. Couldn't help it.  It was a surreal moment!  I was all giggles then, and I am again now just thinking about it!

I am now a life-long Hawaii Five O fan.

Check it out - The upcycled funnel pendant light I sold to the Hawaii Five O set designer:

And here she is on the 10/17/14 Hawaii Five O episode on CBS!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

IB Light on "Hawaii Five O"!!!

Two months ago I sold one of my upcycled funnel pendant lights to a super sweet set decorator in Hawaii, and now it's almost time for my light to make its tv debut!  Tune in TOMORROW to hopefully catch a glimpse of this gorgeous pendant on the tv show Hawaii Five O!  The episode airs at 9pm ET, Friday, 10/17 on CBS.  

Look for her in a bar scene!  ;)