Saturday, October 18, 2014

As Seen on TV

I was a nervous wreck all day yesterday.  Couldn't wait for my Friday evening date night with my hubby.  We had it all planned out - pizza, wine, and Hawaii Five O.  Hubby surprised me with flowers to wish me luck (awe...), and then we plopped ourselves down in front of the tv.  Made sure the DVR was recording, but watched the episode live.  We had our eagle eyes ON!  I barely know what happened during the show, as I was so focused on the background of EVERY. SINGLE. SCENE.  Fingers crossed and hoping upon all hope that we'd catch a glimpse of that fabulous upcycled funnel pendant light I'd sold to a friendly Hawaiian set designer so many months ago!

Minutes passed... the show was almost over!  And then (AHHH!!!!) there she was, in all her glory!

I was just hoping for the smallest glimpse of the light, but I got OH SO LUCKY in that she was the STAR of the last 3 minutes of the show!  Well, she was the star to me... she lit up up the room.  ;)

I should probably send my neighbors apology letters for all the shrieking and screaming. Couldn't help it.  It was a surreal moment!  I was all giggles then, and I am again now just thinking about it!

I am now a life-long Hawaii Five O fan.

Check it out - The upcycled funnel pendant light I sold to the Hawaii Five O set designer:

And here she is on the 10/17/14 Hawaii Five O episode on CBS!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

IB Light on "Hawaii Five O"!!!

Two months ago I sold one of my upcycled funnel pendant lights to a super sweet set decorator in Hawaii, and now it's almost time for my light to make its tv debut!  Tune in TOMORROW to hopefully catch a glimpse of this gorgeous pendant on the tv show Hawaii Five O!  The episode airs at 9pm ET, Friday, 10/17 on CBS.  

Look for her in a bar scene!  ;)


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Industrial Blush!

I can't believe it's been a year already!  Lots of ups and downs, trials and errors, but I feel SO GOOD about the decision to start my own business.  Looking forward to Year No. 2!  :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Lighting!

I recently added some new lighting to the shop!  This large upcycled vintage funnel pendant light!  Love the original sticker on it, showing some great coloring!

Also, I was lucky enough to find two sets of gas station pendant light shades - TWINS!  All are listed separately, but would look amazing as matching end table lamps, or a set over an island!  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy National Wine Day!

In honor of this festive day... TODAY ONLY: Receive 10% off everything in the shop by entering coupon code "HAPPYNATIONALWINEDAY" at checkout! 

Photo credit goes to New England Beverage! - I'm a loyal patron  Cheers!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Andover Crafts in the Park

My first outdoor craft fair!

We had 3 hours to set up, and you can be sure that we used every MINUTE of that time!  Thanks to my hubby and sister, everything went up smoothly.  Of course, half-way through the fair we learned that our semi-short tent could actually go up much higher than the 6-foot clearance where we had it, but whatcha gonna do?!  We know for next time!  (Sorry about the many bruises my hubby suffered on his head... poor 6'2" guy, he kept forgetting to duck!)

Love my awesome banner.  Course, I'll have to get some taller poles since the whole tent will be at least a foot higher next time.

And the inside shots, featuring all my varied design interests...

Chevron ottoman, starfish grapevine wreath, and infinity scarves!

All natural soy wax candles made inside of upcycled wine bottles!  I spent many hours perfecting my process on those beauties, to cut, grind, sand, and stain the glass so they're gorgeous (AND won't slice open your hand when you go to light them)!

Also have a nice shot of my upcycled cork flooring wine glass charms at the bottom.

While I love rustic charm, I still require some BLING in my life, so starting at the left we have some very glam Swarovski Bead Accessories (try them as purse jewelry, zipper pulls, or key chains!).  Middle top you'll find one of my wine bottle pendant lights with a vibrant purple cord, and below are some upcycled wine bottle business card holders.  Far right: Scrabble tile wine charms (plenty of every letter, and at only $2 each, you can create your own unique set of charms!

Wine bottle pendant lights!!!

Upcycled vintage funnel pendant lights, as well as vintage gas station shades that have been rewired and ready to hang!

The day started off a little gloomy and rainy, but it turned around quickly.  The sun came out, and I had the opportunity to chat with so many fantastic people!

Looking forward to my next outdoor craft fair, which will be on Saturday, June 14, in Wakefield, MA. To learn more about the Wakefield Festival by the Lake, check out their website here.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring is in the Air!

FINALLY!  A "warm" day!  (It's 45 degrees out).  Pretty please, can we get the snow to melt already?!  As much as I whine and moan about the cold all winter long, it's an exciting time when the season finally starts to change into Spring.  There's hope that warmer, sunnier days are on their way!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been ordering Spring-inspired fabrics, to help catapult me into that Spring feeling ahead of time.  Black, whites, and icy blues, you had your time.  Move over for some bright and spirited colors!

I'm thrilled about these silky chiffon fabrics and can't wait to turn them into infinity scarves!  Pulling out the sewing machine will be a nice vacation from the candle-making experiments (yup, still experimenting, but I swear, they're coming soon!).  :)

I hope these fabrics bring a smile to your face and give you hope that Spring is indeed on its way!

Here's the entire collection:

I'm loving these pinks!  And no, I did not add ANY saturation to this photo.  They really are that happy and bright!!!

These blues make me think of the Caribbean... ahh... Where's my pina colada?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year, and on to Valentine's Day!

2013 was exciting, what with my new venture into the business world!  Industrial Blush went live on Etsy in September, and in December I put my items up for sale in the brick-and-mortar store, POSH Design Center, and had my first craft fair!  

I'm looking forward to 2014, which is sure to bring new and exciting projects.  I have more recycled wine bottles than I can count, so the plan is to find new ways to upcycle them.  Hoping to use the bottles as containers for candles!  Stay tuned for news on the candle-making, as I've only just started experimenting with that!

Valentine's Day decor and scarves are already available at POSH Design Center!  As I make more, I'll be sure to list new items on Etsy too, but for now, check out what's new at POSH: