Welcome! My name is Sara Sandstrom, and I'm an abstract painter, salvaged-materials furnishings maker, dog mom, and pizza enthusiast! I've been using my hands to make and create things all my life, from drawings, sculpture, home renovations, home decor + furniture, and fine art paintings.

My husband likes to play a game with guests who come to visit: "Guess What Sara Made." There's a tour of our home, in which guests point out items they think are either made by me, or were purchased in designer stores. It's always entertaining to watch my 6'2" husband jump up and down with glee when someone guesses wrong! 

I started Industrial Blush in 2013, in our tiny 800-square foot condo, when I had run out of things to decorate! Selling my creations allowed me to continue with my passion for making lighting and industrial elegant home decor. I thoroughly enjoyed repurposing architectural salvage and vintage materials into new home decor and furniture pieces!

I then decided to shift my artist's dream, and focus my efforts in developing my fine art (which until 2019, I was content to keep as a personal hobby). My abstract paintings reflect my love for the rusty and vintage! Working in acrylic and mixed media, I enjoy painting in many, many layers on wood panels, where I can scrape and scratch to my heart's content, giving my paintings a worn and weathered appearance, as if they have lived a thousand lifetimes, gaining patina and beauty along the way. They are energetic and bold from a distance, seducing the viewer for a closer look, where its many scars and imperfections take center stage.