Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Spider Door Decoration

I.  hate.  spiders.

And yet, I LOVE Halloween and a good scare, so when I came across Delia Creates' post about magnetic spiders, I knew I had to do it.  I had to face my fear, for Halloween's sake.

I went out and bought a couple bags of Dollar Tree plastic spider rings and some A.C. Moore magnets, and got to work.  Snipping off the ring part from the spider was the easy part.

Then I started hot-gluing the spiders to tiny high-powered magnets, and... BAM!  WATCH OUT!  Get 'em too close together and those spiders will jump across the table as their magnets attract!  Scared the crap out of myself.  Multiple times.

My glass of wine was gone in two seconds flat, so time to open up something soothing.  This hot Dutch Apple wine did the trick.

At least, it allowed me to finish the project anyway.  Moving on...

Next, I attempted to make realistic-looking spider webs with hot glue, as Polish the Stars outlined, but my nerves were fried at this point and my patience was running super thin.  I gave up after about 10 seconds because I had a giant Dollar Tree spider staring at me, waiting to be mounted to its new wreath home.

AND FYI - these tarantulas come in a two-pack, so do NOT lose track of the second spider!  Almost dropped my mug of wine when I ran into Spider #2, which I had casually tossed aside and forgotten about early on in the project.

Okay, time for the grand finale!  I threw up a Command hook, yanked that wreath into place, and then tossed my magnet spiders at the door like my life depended on it.  Moved them around a tiny bit, whipped out my camera for some quick pics, and then SHUT THE DOOR.

I hope my condo floor-mates appreciate the effort that went into making my door festive for this oh-so-special-and-creepy holiday!  :)

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